For those who want to enter the job market or start a career in the capital markets as a trader in stocks, currencies, commodities, or derivatives with their own money, the Certified Professional Trader program is comprehensive. These trading courses in India are designed to assist the students in comprehending fundamental terms and concepts related to trading in the capital market and their application to trading in stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities. This professional certificate program embraces a two-pronged strategy, concentrating on knowledge reinforcement and exposure to practical application at the same time. The end result is the development of a strong knowledge base on the various tools and techniques necessary to comprehend the operation and trading in the various segments of the capital markets.

Students will learn how financial markets are organized throughout this highly interactive and dynamic course, as well as the risks associated with trading with various products. Anyone looking to understand financial market products would benefit greatly from taking this course, but financial professionals would find it especially helpful.

This market research course is ideal for introducing a prospective student to trading. Get together finance offers a variety of trading courses in India in which “Trading in the zone – technical analysis” is a course where you can learn how to trade like a pro. This course is specially designed for those who want to make a professional career and earn money by regular trading in the stock market. 

Content Covered in This Course are

1. why we require Technical Assessment

2. Candlestick Patterns And Explanation

3. Examining Price Action, 

4. Examining Price Action, 

5. Trading with Several Time Frames (How to pick a perfect time frame based on your trading style)

6. How to conduct a live market stock scan

7. Trend Analysis (Trading In The Zone Special)

8. How to analyze a sector in order to identify the biggest opportunity

9. Moving Average (Simple, Exponential, Linearly Weighted)

10. Algo Trader (How we can take advantage of them)

11. Market Traps

12. Market Traps

13. Trading against the Trend (Trading In The Zone Special)

14. Gap Theory

15. Trading Indicators

15. Risk Management

16. Trading Psychology- How to overcome fear and greed (Trading In The Zone Special)

17. Journey of a Novice Trader to Professional Trader

Intended Audience for This Trading Course in India

1. newer students and graduates

2. Traders in retail

3. Financial Service Experts

4. Sub-Brokers and Brokers

Benefits from a Trading course in India

1. Additional Informational Material

To further advance the understanding of these trading courses in India, the students will have access to extra knowledge resources such as multiple blogs, interactive learning tools, videos, technical analyses Infographics, and much more. Additionally, they will have access to tools and software for trading and research, such as IMPACT, Bloomberg, Spider Investarindia, netdania, Myfno, StockEdge, and Excel, among others.

2. Placement Training

Get Together Finance offers a specialized placement assistance cell that links students to various employers who have employment openings and prospects. The placement cell, however, does not assure any placement. Students who are interested can let the team know at the beginning of these trading courses in India, which will assist them in getting the employment they need as soon as possible.

3. Internship and Practical Exposure

The course concentrates on various case studies and in-the-moment market analysis in order to achieve its goal of the practical application of the concepts presented. Additionally, the students participate in internships with one of our faculty members.

4. Online Education

Get Together Finance is dedicated to elevating the field of financial education. Now we extend to you the high standard of practical education that has previously only been available within the confines of classrooms by utilizing the practical environment of the virtual world. These trading courses in India are distinctive in their approach to education at any time and anywhere because it is the gateway that is accessible to everyone 24 hours a day. This is the best online resource for students who wish to increase their knowledge of finance and capital markets. Students will have access to the web platform, which will help them learn more effectively.

Support Team

The support staff assists the student with scheduling, answering questions, and helping with exams, and certification from the beginning to the end of the course. The support team effectively assists the student to make up any classes that they are unable to attend at any time due to scheduling conflicts.